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Restricted Access Piling

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Restrict access piling, also known as micro or mini piling, refers to various piling methods used in restricted conditions. These conditions include a low headroom, low width, and both. Working in basements, tunnels, under bridges, and internal building sections, are all examples of restricted access. Other restrictions may include regulations pertaining to vibration and noise. Heavy machinery and conventional construction methods cannot be used in these sites, and therefore piling techniques are used as piling rigs are much smaller and easier to handle. Our restricted piling specialists use different methods and rigs depending on the construction site. These techniques include SFA (sectional flight auger), Bored piling, top driven piles, bottom driven piles, underpinning, CFA (Continuous flight auger) etc.

Restricted access piling for basement conversion

Residential projects such as retaining walls, basement conversion house extensions, or new builds at sites with restricted access can all benefit from restricted access piling. Carrying out construction work in the basement requires a certain headroom space. If it is not sufficient for workers to stand, restricted headroom piling can be used to perform construction activities.

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House extensions

House extensions may also require piling. If you add a storey or two, your existing foundations may not be suitable for bearing the load. In that case, the foundations will have to be reinforced through piling.

New builds

As far as new builds are concerned, when you are constructing a house in an existing housing community, the noise or the vibration from construction activities may affect nearby places. Therefore, the recommended method of building foundations is piling. Piling methods may also be used even when there are no restrictions. That’s because they are more feasible than using other foundation-building methods. Contact us for any residential project you intend to build.

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Restricted access piling for commercial projects

Piling methods can also be used for commercial and public construction. Many public projects like bridges and tunnels cannot be built using conventional construction methods. High moisture content near rivers, low headroom in tunnels, and other hard-to-reach places will require piling techniques. There is a piling rig and technique for every situation. The versatility of restricted access piling makes it adaptable to various construction scenarios. Already existing hospitals, where noise can be troubling for patients, and everyday work cannot be disrupted, can benefit greatly from piling techniques when construction work has to be carried out in the form of either an extension or underground construction.

Restricted Access Piling

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Restricted access piling in sensitive areas

Historical monuments and archaeological sites are sensitive to vibration, and carrying out construction around them can be risky as it can deteriorate or damage these sites. Restricted access piling techniques can address this danger amicably. Many of these techniques do not create dangerous noise or vibration levels and can be used for construction activities within the vicinity of sensitive buildings. Urban areas with a high concentration of buildings can also benefit from restricted access piling.

Restricted access piling for low soil quality

Foundations are the most important aspect of a building. Great care is taken while identifying the suitable foundation and estimating the required measurements. One factor that affects this decision is the soil quality, which is analysed based on LBV (Load-bearing value) and its reaction to climatic changes. While LBV gives an estimate of the strength of the soil, its moisture content predicts how it will react to changes in weather. High moisture content can result in sudden shrinkage or expansion depending on the weather. Both of which can affect the foundations. Piling techniques enable a restricted access piling specialist to build foundations in all the conditions mentioned above by transferring the load to deeper and better soil layers.

Low-cost option

Restricted access piling techniques are less labour intensive and are mostly carried out with the help of highly advanced rigs. As they build strong and reliable foundations faster than other methods, many construction companies prefer using them even when site access is not limited. They cost much lower than conventional methods, which is another reason why these techniques are preferred. Contact us for restricted access piling. Our team will visit you and advise you on the best construction project technique.